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KHSCA Application

Dear High and Middle School Principal/Athletic Director,


It is that time of year again when school will be starting and many schools have had changes in their coaching staff. In order for the KHSCA to provide for its coaching membership, it is imperative for us to have an accurate list of your coaches’ name, sport coaching, position and years coaching.


INSURANCE! INSURANCE! INSURANCE! – with your KHSCA membership each member will have a $1,000,000.00 liability policy for EACH OCCURRENCE. NEW — all KHSCA members will be covered in the classroom. This coverage is secondary in nature. Camp and all star game insurance is available for our members at a reduced rate. Click here to read insurance policy and coverage. DUES are $30.00 per member.


There is one membership form to fill out BUT you will do this online (see link below). A “KHSCA Quick Start Guide” is also provided below. PRINT OUT AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. Please take the time to fill the form out accurately, correctly with each column filled on each of your coaches. You will need a username and password to access the application. Be sure to save the form!!! Once the form has been received, filled out correctly with your membership, the cards will be sent to your school. When and if you need to add coaches to your list you will use your same form that you saved and send the new additional names to me. You will just add/delete names, change coaching positions if needed and add to the “years” membership column. All columns for each coach must be filled in.


If, at the present, you have an active coach in your school who HAS a “Lifetime” member card you must list his/her name on the membership application form so that he/she will continue to receive all of the KHSCA benefits that include insurance. To qualify for “Lifetime” status one must have been a KHSCA member for 20 years and RETIRED from education. If one of your coaches has recently qualified for KHSCA “Lifetime” membership I will need a letter stating that he has met the KHSCA requirements from the building principal, a onetime $60.00 fee and his/her home address. Replaced KHSCA “LIFETIME” cards are $10.00. Contact me ( for KHSCA “Lifetime” replaced cards.


Thank you for your cooperation and continued support of the KHSCA.


Yours in sport,
Jimmie Reed, KHSCA Executive Director



PRINT OUT KHSCA Quick Start Guide for instructions on how to set up your account and complete the online application. PRINT OUT AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.