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Quick Start Guide – KFCA Online Application Instructions



1. KFCA Login

  • The first time you visit this site click on “Register School”
  • In step 3 you will be creating a username and password to be used for all future logins


2. School Search/Select a School

  • Begin typing your school’s name (at least 4 characters) and then choose from the list
  • Once your school name appears in the list, select it and click “Register School”
  • If your school does not appear, please email Jimmie Reed at jreed@bardstown.com


3. KFCA: School Registration

  • Complete all fields
  • Enter the text of the image
  • Click “Register School”


4. Name of Your School: Edit School Info/School Info

  • Confirm all fields or edit as needed
  • Click “Save & Continue”


5. Name of Your School: Coaches Information

  • Click “Add a Coach” to add your assistant coaches
  • Enter First & Last name
  • Click “Save & Add Another Coach” if you have more to enter
  • Click “Save” when you are done adding your coaches
  • Click “Edit” if you have to make a change to a coach
  • When you are finished adding coaches for your school, click “Invoices” in footer


6. Name of Your School: School Invoices

  • Click “Initial Invoice/Card Order”
  • Under “Include in Order” check the coaches you want to include on the invoice
  • Verify the number or cards is correct
  • The total cost will be $200 for the first 10 coaches
  • Each additional coach will be $30
  • Click “Order”
  • The invoice will be submitted to Jimmie Reed
  • Once it’s paid he will update the invoice and you will see that it’s paid
  • If you add additional coaches after the initial invoice use the “Additional Invoice/Card Order” and follow the same steps



7. KFCA Login

  • Enter the username (entire e-mail address) and password you created when you registered your school and click “Submit”
  • You can edit your school information at this time
  • If you forget your username and password please contact Jimmie Reed at jreed@bardstown.com


8. To add additional coaches after the initial order has been created

  • Follow Step #5 to add additional coaches and Step #6 to create additional Invoices/Card Orders